As a member of the IDI Awards committee, I was entrusted with the exciting responsibility of designing a captivating layout to showcase the shortlisted entries for this prestigious event. With the branding for the year already established, I drew inspiration from its visual elements and embarked on creating a series of display pieces that would perfectly complement the evening's ambiance.
The primary objective of the layout was to provide an engaging and immersive experience for attendees, allowing them to explore and appreciate the exceptional work of the shortlisted designers. To achieve this, I carefully considered the placement and arrangement of the displays, ensuring they seamlessly integrated with the overall event space.
Drawing from the established branding, I incorporated the key design elements into the display pieces, aligning them with the event's visual identity. This cohesive approach created a harmonious atmosphere that reinforced the importance of the awards while providing a visually striking backdrop for the showcased entries.
Each display piece was thoughtfully designed to highlight the uniqueness and creativity of the shortlisted projects. The materials, lighting, and spatial arrangement were meticulously chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic and create a sense of intrigue and anticipation. From interactive installations to elegant podiums, each element was crafted to evoke a sense of admiration and celebrate the exceptional talent within the Irish design community.
Furthermore, the layout was designed to facilitate smooth navigation for attendees, ensuring that each shortlisted entry received the attention it deserved. Clear signage and intuitive flow allowed visitors to seamlessly explore the different categories and appreciate the diversity of design disciplines represented.
Ultimately, the goal was to create an inspiring and memorable environment that elevated the stature of the IDI Awards and highlighted the outstanding achievements of the participating designers. By crafting a layout that embraced the established branding and celebrated the shortlisted entries, I aimed to foster a sense of pride, excitement, and anticipation among attendees.
As a member of the IDI Awards committee, it was a privilege to contribute to the creation of an exceptional display layout that showcased the very best of Irish design talent. The success of the evening was not only measured by the winners announced but also by the collective celebration and appreciation of design excellence that permeated the event space.

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