Bababou’s owner approached me in December 2016 with a clearly defined brief which was to create a sustainable and functional co-sleeping crib. Their market was already well researched and with the brief in hand I set about creating a sustainable, multi functional piece of furniture that would add value to the users lives. The project proved highly successful as the company owners and I share the same views on sustainability and style. The design aesthetic is simple and clean with functionality and sustainability at the heart.Only the best natural materials were considered and after several design iterations and prototypes, the hugg crib was born. 

The design of the hugg crib is inspired by both Scandinavian design, as well as mid century modern design, the simple clean lines and honest materials create a truly unique product that not only serves its primary function well which, but also has a wonderful second function of a desk and bench. This extends the product life cycle in definitely which makes the hugg crib a highly affordable product that should last generations.

The primary function of the hugg crib is that of a co-sleeping crib for new born babies. The child can safely sleep in their on space while laying directly beside the parents. One side of the crib opens up to face the parent in bed so that there is easy access to the baby for night feeds or simply to bond with the baby. There are height adjustable legs on the cribs base so that it can match the height of your mattress thus creating a safe bridge to the bed.

Product life cycle.
The life cycle of the hugg crib extend long into the child's early years as it can be re purposed as a desk and bench. this means a much more affordable piece of furniture for your new family member which will last long into their pre-teens, or indeed until a little brother or sister comes along.

Overall the project was a huge success. The design and prototyping which I was contracted for went very well and a lot was learned through the many design iterations that took place while working along with the babbou team.

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