The creation of the skate decks for The Dean Hotel at Harcourt Street, Dublin involved a meticulous process that showcased the artistry of traditional marquetry techniques. One of the key elements of this process was the precise and careful hand cutting of each veneer using a traditional Japanese steel marquetry knife.
The selection of veneers for this project included Walnut, Beech, Maple, and Iroko, each chosen for their unique grain patterns and characteristics. These veneers added depth, texture, and visual interest to the final skate deck designs.
To bring the veneers to the skateboard decks, a lamination process was employed. The pre-made maple skateboard decks served as the foundation, providing a sturdy and durable base for the veneer application. Ensuring even pressure across the contact area of the boards was crucial to achieving a seamless bond between the veneers and the decks.
During the lamination stage, the challenge was to maintain the integrity of the veneer joints and prevent any movement. This was achieved by carefully applying masking tape, which acted as a temporary fixative, holding the veneers in place while the lamination process took place. The tape ensured that the veneer joints remained secure and aligned, resulting in a cohesive and visually striking final product.
The combination of skillful hand cutting, thoughtful veneer selection, and meticulous lamination techniques resulted in skate decks that showcased the beauty and natural variations of the chosen veneers. The marriage of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary skateboard design created a unique and visually captivating artwork that now graces the walls of The Dean Hotel.
The use of the Japanese marquetry knife, known for its precision and sharpness, exemplifies the dedication and attention to detail that went into creating these skate decks. Each cut was made with care and precision, ensuring the perfect fit and alignment of the veneer pieces.
The final result is a stunning display of craftsmanship and artistic expression, where the organic beauty of the veneers harmonizes with the functionality and style of the skateboard decks. The skate decks at The Dean Hotel stand as a testament to the fusion of traditional woodworking techniques, thoughtful design, and the vibrant spirit of Dublin's cultural landscape.
Hanging on the wall in room no. 142a, the Dean hotel, Harcourt street, Dublin.

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